August 6, 2020

Everything you need to know about Spelpaus

All you need to know about Spelpaus

What is Spelpaus?

Spelpaus is the national suspension system developed and run by the Swedish Gambling Authority. All online casinos and betting sites that want to operate in Sweden must be connected to this system.

It works in such a way that all operators with a Swedish license must have permission to conduct games for money. Before the player can start playing, the operator must check with the system registry to ensure the player has not shut himself off from playing.

If any player has opted to self-exclude, the operator cannot let him or her access its games, open a new gaming account or make deposits. Also, the operator cannot market to target the player via direct advertising.

Which games do you turn off during Spelpaus?

When you press Spelpaus, all types of games that involve money under the new gaming law are turned off. Below are the areas covered under the self-exclusion program:

  • Games at casinos - online or land-based - that have a Swedish license
  • Casino Cosmopol
  • Online Bingo
  • Online lottery games (scratch cards, number games, lotto, betting tips and more)
  • Sports betting (betting on odds)
  • Slot Machine Games (Jack Vegas)
  • Computer-stimulating slot games (online slot machines, online video slots)

There are some exceptions. Below is a list of games that are excluded from Spelpaus:

  • Scratchcards bought in a store or from a gaming agent such as Trisslotter
  • Lotteries that are not online-based
  • Bingo in bingo halls
  • Local pool game on horses (also called rural trotting)
  • Casino games at local restaurants (blackjack, roulette)
  • Casino games and slot machines on international cruise lines (for example, Viking Line and Silja Line)

What does it mean to turn off via Spelpaus?

To switch yourself off via Spelpaus, you need to go to which is available to all Swedish players. You can choose how long you want to take a break from gambling on licensed sites. Here are the four shutdown periods to choose from:

  1. 1 month
  2. 3 months
  3. 6 months
  4. Until further notice

Before you shut down, you should also know that you can not regret your decision. Once you have signed in, the exclusion cannot be lifted or prematurely terminated. Once you have pressed the Spelpaus button, there is no possibility to undo the decision. For instance, if you have chosen to shut yourself off for 6 months, the suspension from gambling for money applies for exactly 6 months.

After these 6 months, your name will be cleared from the system and you can re-register to play. You will also be able to get marketing targeted at you. It is important to know if you are suspended ‘until further notice,’  the suspension will be valid for one year and will be extended if you do not cancel it by logging into and activating yourself for games again.

You can log in to at any time and see how much time is left on your suspension. All persons in Sweden with a social security number can join It is also required that you have an e-identification such as mobile or regular BankID, Frej-eID, Telia eID or foreign e-identification.

How quickly does Spelpaus take effect?

When you press the Spelpaus, it goes into effect immediately. You must log out of all casinos before you complete the shutdown. This is because when the suspension applies you will be automatically logged out.

What happens to my money when I quit?

By law, the gaming company must pay out your money that is currently in your gaming account to your bank account. If you have any amount standing to your credit and you have pressed Spelpaus, don’t worry because it will be paid out to you.

Can I turn off a dear one via Spelpaus, who plays too much?

No. Even if a friend plays too much or has a gambling addiction, no one but the person himself can shut himself out via Spelpaus. This is because to use Spelpaus, you need a Swedish social security number and e-identification. If you want to help, there are other ways to do it. You can, for example, contact via phone, chat and email to consult how to proceed.

Is suspension via a casino operator same as Spelpaus?

No. Spelpaus is at a national level, while suspension via a casino operator applies only to the specific casino. It means you can still create gaming accounts at other foreign casinos that are not subject to Swedish gambling laws. Such casinos, in turn, can send direct mail to you. Spelpaus is the only way to shut down from ALL gaming companies and operators licensed in Sweden.

I regret pressing Spelpaus. What should I do?

There is nothing much you can do once you press Spelpaus, whether intentionally or unintentionally. You can not play with any of the operators who have a Swedish gaming license while you are suspended. But it is still possible to play at gaming companies that do not have a Swedish license.

Those gaming companies are not allowed by law to promote themselves in Sweden. But for players, it is not illegal to register with and play on them. However, it is good to keep in mind that such operators have their own self-exclusion programs choosing which can shut you off from them.

Of course, such programs are specific to the casinos that have them in place. Another thing to note is winnings from foreign casino operators are not always tax-free. For instance, Swedes winning more than 100 SEK at unlicensed casinos must pay 30% of their profit as tax.

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