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The name CasinosWithoutLicense.com gives a hint about what kind of information we provide on this website. Our team of experts in the iGaming industry has together several decades of experience, in playing online casinos. We convey this experience in an effective way by producing independent and impartial reviews, guides, and lists. These are characterized by transparency and are a great help for all players out there who want to learn more about playing at a casino without a license, no matter if it is a casino without a license in Scandinavia, German, or Holland.

During the time that has passed since we launched this site, we have managed to stand out from the rest and establish ourselves as one of the top leading players in the field. We have achieved this by only collaborating with the most respected and credible casino sites that maybe do not have a gaming license for a specific country, but still, have licenses from well reputable Malta or Curacao.

This is an ongoing project, which means that the information we provide here on the site is regularly updated. This is to reflect any changes regarding the competitive situation in the market and regarding the offers that various online casinos market. The guides that you find here at Casinoswithoutlicense.com are produced internally by our team members, who have shown evidence of great knowledge in each subject area.


Our Basic Principles



As the iGaming industry with online casinos grows and develops, our team of experts does the same. Only through continuous development and improvement, we will be able to maintain our top position as the most relevant website in our niche.



If something is not right, we will not pretend it is raining. We will say exactly as it is, in all situations. Therefore you can rest assured about all our info that you will read on our site.



In the end, it is our reputation that is at stake. We, therefore, keep everything we do free from outside influences,



Casinos that do not accept players from Germany, Scandinavia, or matter of fact any other European country, are not of interest to us. No one will be satisfied if you can not play at the gaming sites we list and review.


Function before design

The information we provide is to give our visitors added value and to be useful to them. Therefore, we try to use simple tables and a very basic and easy design.

This is what we offer

The main purpose of this website is to provide European players with tips and information about playing at a casino without a license and without a national self-exclusion program. Namely, it can be both time-consuming and demanding to try to find a credible gaming site to play at. This applies to an even greater extent when you try to sift through all the thousands of online casinos that are not licensed by German, Dutch or Scandinavian authorities, but instead by other countries’ gaming authorities.

This is where we come into the picture – we at Casinoswithoutlicense.com provide players with both in-depth and regularly updated casino reviews and other articles relevant to the subject. We compare casinos with MGA and Curacao license, our reviews are based on facts and on the subjective reviews of our experts. Experts who have put hours and hours to try it all.

The lists of online casinos that you will find on our site are intended to offer guidance when it comes to finding new online casinos to play at. What all these lists have in common is that they focus on sites without a license – we do not want to limit ourselves to gaming sites with a Scandinavian gaming license, German gaming license, or any other area, but prefer to see ourselves as world citizens. In light of this, we also want to offer our visitors a broader perspective on the online and offline casino industry.

This is how we produce our casino reviews

Every single online casino listed on our site Casinoswithoutlicense.com has really been examined in the seams. You can trust that we have evaluated all main areas on each gaming site, such as how the casino treats its players, what range of games and bonuses are offered, deposit and withdrawal methods, and how the quality of the casino compares to the competition. A casino review is only useful if it is relevant to the end-user, i.e. you who visit our site. However, it also needs to be reliable and packaged in such a way that all players can understand it and use it to make an informed decision.

Our reviews of online casinos that do not have a license are also designed in such a way that they can be compared to each other. This means that you as a player can easily compare two or more casinos in order to be able to decide which of these is of the highest quality and suits your needs as a player. As an example of this, we can mention bonuses – one of the most important factors for players who choose between different online casinos to play at, and in specific, important for so-called bonus hunters. As you can see in our lists of casinos, we present information about bonuses in a clear way so that you can make an accurate comparison of these.

You can also rely on the fact that we do not hesitate to point out negative points and criticism in the casinos we review. We ultimately write the reviews for you as a player and therefore need to take our users into account during this process. You, therefore, do not have to worry that any information on our site is intended to mislead you in any kind of way.

We value your trust in us and our service

Our target group is not visitors who only visit our website once and never again. We strive to win the long-term loyalty and trust of our visitors. Therefore, we only recommend high-quality casinos in our lists and aim to get you back to our site due to the quality we offer.

We at Casinoswithoutlicense.com try to answer questions such as, which casino is the best, how to ensure that you get a good gaming experience and which gaming sites have the best bonuses.

We make sure that the reviews provided on the site are independent. This is so that you can make an accurate choice of gaming site to play at. Our experts in the casino industry will help you choose the right casino by providing only good advice and tips.

Welcome and hope you have a great stay at Casinoswithoutlicense.com

Team Members


Vincenzo Davari

An iGaming enthusiast that has worked with online casinos and betting since 2017. Ex-chief editor for a sports news outlet, Vincenzo is the stalwart of the team who dares to dream big. He knows content that could be a player’s ticket to a million bucks. A quiet achiever, he believes in working in silence and letting success make the noise. He is also the one who ensures everything in the team works the way it should. We can always bet our boots on that


Shruti Deka

The wordsmith of the group, Shruti is busy enjoying her newfound passion for online casino games. When she’s happy, she would bet the ranch to plan and create killer casino content – the ones that urge you to play. If things don’t go the way she wants them to, she would constantly act like the world is about to end. Except for Vegas. That’s where she plans to be.


Kenan Mujezinovic

The man behind the SEO on Casinoswithoutlicense. Kenan has been working with iGaming since 2014 and still loves online casinos and betting. The mastermind of the team and jack of all, Kenan is our go-to guy for anything and everything. An SEO maven, he eats breathes, and sleeps casinos. His love for the adrenaline rush that comes from playing video slots is unstoppable. Shuttling between the unpredictability of high stakes and surprises of magical big win moments, his dreams are just one spin away.