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Klarna casinos are becoming one of the favorite online casinos for European players. If you’ve done some online shopping lately, you’ve probably come across the name Klarna. Since its inception in 2005, it has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s most well-known payment solutions. This article will inform you about Klarna casinos, what it is, where you can play, and where you can use Klarna.

What is Klarna Casino?

Klarna casinos are online casinos that accept Klarna as one of their payment methods. The term Klarna casinos refer to both licensed and unlicensed online casinos. You can enjoy multiple facilities at Klarna casinos, from live shows to gambling at table games, live casinos and even watching a show! You’ll find all that and more at Klarna casino. You can relish the world-class gambling experience at Klarna casinos.

Klarna is a widely used payment method that allows users to divide services and pay later. Most of the time, you can pay up to 30 days after the payment is made, and when you choose “Pay Later in 3,” you pay one installment 30 days after the payment is processed. The final two installments 60 and 90 days later, respectively.

History of Klarna

Klarna, a new and innovative online payment platform, was founded in Stockholm in 2005. The service’s goal has been to provide online shoppers with safer, simpler, and more flexible payment options since its inception. It began operations in Sweden but quickly expanded to include Norway, Finland, and Denmark. In 2014, Klarna merged with SOFORT, a leading instant banking method in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium, resulting in the large Klarna Group formation.

Klarna has won several companies and developed a few different products over the years, all of which have been deemed convenient, extremely secure, and simple to use, although they are all completely different. The company is now one of Europe’s largest banks, serving approximately 60 million customers across 14 countries. It provides technologically advanced, consumer-oriented payment solutions and is widely accepted by online merchants throughout Europe and the United States as of 2015. More importantly for gamblers, Klarna is now accepted as a payment method at a growing number of online casinos, allowing players to fund their accounts quickly and easily.

Klarna at casinos without a license

If you are anything like me, it is very much possible that licensed casinos don’t fulfill your appetite. I often head to Klarna casinos without a license, and these are online casinos without the country’s gambling license in which they are running. Let me explain it to you. An online casino in Sweden without a Swedish license to gamble that accepts Klarna is a Klarna casino without a license. I play at such casinos without a license because of the regulations at licensed casinos. Klarna casinos without a license have no deposit limit and fantastic bonuses to enjoy. Swedes, Germans, and Dutch players can all use Klarna as such Klarna casinos.

Klarna operates in a similar way to instant banking services in that casino players can move funds from their bank accounts. Still, unlike conventional online banking, where the financial institution processes transfers, Klarna payments are immediate. Furthermore, they provide an extra layer of protection, virtually removing the possibility of data theft or fraud. To take advantage of this program, players need to find a casino that offers it and ensure that their online banking is enabled.

Klarna at casinos without a license

Klarna casino payment options

It’s important to note that not all Klarna items are suitable for use in online casinos. The billing option and the installment plan, understandably, cannot be used to make deposits at online casinos. On the other hand, the third choice is a real-time banking processor that is an excellent alternative to services like Trustly or Giropay. Unlike them and related instant banking services, Klarna is open to several countries’ citizens and is increasingly being provided by online casinos. It currently supports the following merchant currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, DKK, SEK, NOK, AUD, and CHF.

Klarna has multiple uses, benefits, and it works in several different ways too. Please read below to know more about it in detail.

  • Billing Option
  • Monthly Installments
  • Instant Bank Transfer

Klarna Billing Option

Customers can make transactions online and pay later with this program. This is a convenient payment option for those who cannot pay for products or services right away but are confident that they will be able to do so within a week or two. In reality, depending on the shop, you will have between 14 and 30 days to pay, and you will not be charged any interest or extra fees.

Customers who shop at a store that accepts Klarna Pay Later select it from the list of options, log into their account, and confirm the transaction. It’s fast, safe, and the merchant doesn’t have access to your banking or credit card details. Since you do not pay for your order right away, there is a risk that the merchant must take, which is why gambling operators do not accept this Klarna billing option.

Klarna Monthly Installments

Customers apply for a Klarna credit account after registering on the company’s website, and it operates similarly to a credit card. You can use this payment method for shopping rather than gambling if you choose this option. When buying costly items such as smartphones, expensive clothing or fashion accessories, or consumer electronics, it is a good choice. However, before you can use this service, you must first be authorized by Klarna, which can take up to a week.

Klarna Monthly Installments

Klarna Instant Bank Transfer

Direct transfers have been available since Klarna purchased the German company Sofort Überweisung in 2014. Gambling enthusiasts will use these instant bank transfers to make deposits into their gaming accounts. An increasing number of online casinos are offering Klarna, but depending on your location, the service may be listed as SOFORT or SOFORT by Klarna on the casino Cashier page. You deposit your bank account if you want this payment form. Pay Now by Klarna also helps you to deposit with a credit or debit card. Klarna will securely remember your details, so you won’t have to enter it again the next time you want to deposit.

This option is only available at a few online casinos, mainly in Europe, supporting this service type. Klarna ties your bank account to the casino you’re playing at, enabling funds to be exchanged directly between the two. It usually takes at least a few hours for the bank system to process these transactions, and it usually takes between one and three business days. Klarna, on the other hand, is connected to a large number of European banks and can complete transactions in real-time. In Germany, for example, SOFORT transactions are accepted by all banks.

Depositing at casinos with Klarna

Deposit casino transactions with Klarna can be done without the extra effort on the gambler’s part. To create a separate account with Klarna, players do not need to go through another online registration process. All you have to do to ensure a smooth transfer is double-check that the online casino you’re playing at, and your bank both support Klarna.

No third parties can access your details because you do not need to register an account to make online gambling transactions at Klarna casino platforms. When it comes to online wallets or other types of instant bank transfers, customers are generally required to sign up. This means you’ll have to send confidential details, including your full name, date of birth, address, bank account, and credit card number.

Although Klarna recognizes the high risk of disclosing personal banking information, particularly in the online casino industry, it makes every effort to obtain only the bare minimum of information. As a result, for those who enjoy playing at an online casino, Klarna is a safe and easy way to make deposits.

Withdrawing from casinos with Klarna

With Klarna casino, you can make a withdrawal in the same way you make an online deposit. You pick it from a list of online payment options on your gambling service provider’s website. After verifying that your banking institution approves it, you confirm the transaction without going through any additional registration measures.

However, if you want to redeem your casino winnings with Klarna, there are a few disadvantages to be aware of. First, the number of online casinos that accept Klarna as a payment method for money withdrawals is lower than the number of online gambling sites that accept it for deposits. Furthermore, even if you find an online casino that accepts Klarna withdrawals, the transaction will not be immediate and will usually take 2 to 3 business days.

While Klarna does not charge any extra fees, you may be charged a small commission by some online casino operators and banking institutions.

Klarna at mobile casinos

When you want to play on a mobile device at your favorite location, you will be wondering what will remain the same and what will change. The good news is that this payment form is still available at Klarna mobile casinos. You’ll notice that no matter which computer you use to log in, all payments are the same. Apart from the screen size, the only real difference is that mobile sites would have fewer games to choose from. However, this is changing year after year, with the number of mobile sites increasingly rising.

Bonuses at Klarna casinos

Bonuses in the Klarna casino differ depending on the terms and conditions. Registration bonuses, special deals, refer a friend bonus, no deposit bonuses, and so on are all available. Bonuses in Klarna online casinos vary in size depending on the site. Welcome bonuses at Klarna online casinos are available in various forms and are designed to entice new players to the location. The majority of welcome bonuses at Klarna online casinos, on the other hand, are 100 percent match bonuses, in which your gaming operator doubles the amount you deposit.

Another form of special offer found at Klarna online casinos these days is No deposit incentives. The fact that you don’t have to deposit any money to get these bonuses makes them unique. All you have to do is register with an online casino that accepts Klarna and offers these kinds of rewards.

Klarna casinos offer multiple types of rewards and bonuses that are very lucrative. Apart from promotional deals aimed at attracting new players, online casinos that accept Klarna can also offer special incentives to tourists every month, depending on the number of deposits they make. Naturally, rewards for high rollers and others who have played long enough to qualify for the VIP program at online casinos that embrace Klarna are more significant and frequent.

However, bear in mind that the most lucrative are those Klarna online casinos that post their incentive terms and conditions in an easily accessible location on their website and describe them in plain English. It’s crucial to look for any conditions associated with a particular bonus when reading the bonus words. For example, an online casino that accepts Klarna as a payment method can give a specific bonus only if you play games from a predetermined list. As a result, it’s always a good idea to double-check what games are qualifying.

Bonuses at Klarna casinos

Pros and cons with Klarna

Klarna has multiple advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before using and enjoying this payment method.


  • Deposit now and pay later
  • Safe and easy bolt speed transactions
  • Installment system

Deposit now and pay later

At Klarna casino, you can play on credit and pay the money back later on. It makes sure you always have funds at your favorite online casino.

Safe and easy bolt speed transactions

Klarna casinos are safe to make online transactions, and a super user-friendly interface welcomes you to such online casinos. Klarna is faster and so much better than regular bank transfers.

Installment system

This is one of the most tempting pros of Klarna casinos; you can pay the amount you used back in installments of 90 days, i.e., three months!

Time to dive into the cons of Klarna casinos.


  • Restless risk of credit
  • Fewer sites
  • Withdrawl issue

Restless risk of credit

It would be best if you always kept in your mind while playing at Klarna casino because you are playing on credit. You can only use as much as you can payback. It is a nail-biting situation, and you have to be careful.

Fewer sites

Klarna casinos are growing day by day, and so are online casinos. As of now, not a lot of Klarna casinos are present, and that’s why you should read the terms carefully of the casino you are playing at.

Withdrawal issue

Not many online casinos allow withdrawing in comparison to the ones that enable depositing. Some online casinos even charge a tiny commission on the drawing.

Best Klarna casinos

If you have decided to play at Klarna casinos, we are right here to help you choose one of the best online casinos. Just go through our list, select the one you find the best, and begin playing.

  • 22Bet
  • Playamo
  • King Billy


22Bet is a sharp young online casino with aspirations to become a global online gaming hotspot. This casino aims high and seems to stay the course, targeting a worldwide audience and appealing to their needs in payment methods, game collection, localization languages, and currencies. There are over 1,000 games to choose from, as well as a helpful support service.


PlayAmo has been in service for three years. Some might argue that this is not the type of time that shows a casino’s trustworthiness. However, thousands of fans disagree, as they play there every day and share glowing reviews of the casino. PlayAmo has consistently delivered on its optimistic pledge of a player-centric approach and hospitality for all new players, as well as plenty of things to do for those already enrolled. This review will tell you everything you need to know about PlayAmo so you can decide if it’s the right casino for you.

King Billy

King Billy Casino gives you the odd sensation of wishing you could go back in time and start over to become a Baron. And if you think Baron is too proletarian for you, King Billy Casino allows you to become a Duke, Prince, or even King, alongside King Billy himself (by winning “King’s Points”). King Billy has excellent bonuses and is a fun Klarna casino to play at.


Klarna casinos should be your first choice if you make heavy deposits and have a smooth transaction-cum-payment system. You can now have the most excellent gambling experience and payback in installments later on. It is like the best thing for gamblers is the birth of Klarna casinos. This payment method only works in casinos without a license, so always read the terms and conditions before playing.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Klarna casinos


What is a Klarna Casino?

Klarna casinos are online casinos where you can gamble and play casino games. These casinos accept payment by Klarna. You can deposit money through Klarna anytime and pay Klarna back in installments.

Is it safe to play at Klarna casino?

This is one of the most critical inquiries to make. The response is, thankfully, a resounding yes. The payment company is a well-known financial firm that takes protection very seriously.

Where can I find Klarna casinos?

Klarna is available with many online casinos that do not have a license of Sweden, Germany, or Dutch while running in those countries. You can find the best Klarna casinos here at casinoswithoutlicense.com.

Can I use Klarna at casinos without a license?

Yes, yes, and a very big yes. You can use Klarna as casinos without a license and play for as long as you want. Klarna lets you have a great experience of gambling right from your home.


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