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VISA cards have been used as a common payment method in casinos ever since online gambling started. Today, there are numerous other payment processors, but VISA remains a banking method of choice. In this guide, we will discuss this veteran payment processor and the casinos without a license that support it.


VISA as Payment method at Casinos Without a License

Unlicensed casinos with VISA are common. In the Nordic market, payment methods such as Trustly are slowly making their mark. For this reason, it is no longer easy to find a local licensed casino that offers deposits with VISA. But, foreign unlicensed casinos still have this option except for UKGC licensed casinos where the use of VISA (credit cards) for gambling has been banned. We have listed the best VISA casino sites without a license which you must not miss. In the long list below you will find all the VISA casinos we recommend.

Best VISA Casinos – April 2021

What is a VISA Card?

A VISA card is an ordinary debit or credit card issued by a bank to an account holder using which he or she can make monetary transactions. There are 4 different types of VISA cards that we will now explain to you.

  • VISA Credit
  • VISA Debit
  • VISA Prepaid
  • VISA Electron

VISA credit card

When you use a VISA credit card, you do not need to have money in your account. With a credit card, you make your purchases first and pay your bill the following month. If you do not pay your bill immediately, you can borrow money at a certain interest rate. Many banks do not allow you to play at online casinos with a credit card.

VISA debit card

A VISA debit card is a debit card that is linked directly to your bank account. When you want to deposit money at an online casino with such a card, you only need to enter your card details and the money will be deducted from your account and deposited at the casino. This is the most common of the VISA cards used to play casino games online.

VISA prepaid

VISA prepaid is not very common in the Nordics but can be a good alternative for players who do not want to connect their credit or debit card to the casino where they play. With a prepaid card, you must first deposit money on the card itself. Unlike a VISA debit, this card is not directly linked to your bank account.

VISA Electron

VISA Electron is a card that came in the ‘80s and has been around for almost 40 years. It is a debit card fir for customers with poor credit, which makes it very flexible when it comes to gambling.

How Do I Use a VISA Card at a Casino without a license?

One of the positive things about using VISA cards at a casino is that the process is simple. To be able to do this, you must have your card at hand or at least have all the information printed on the front and back of the card.

  • Visit the casino where you want to play.
  • Go to the deposit page.
  • Select VISA, alternatively bank/credit card.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  • Enter your name, card number, and CVC/CVV code.
  • Confirm payment.

In many cases, you may also have to confirm your card payment with BankID. If this is the case, the following steps will happen:

  • You will be redirected to your internet bank.
  • Enter the information that you use for BankID.
  • Go to the app and confirm your payment with your PIN code.
  • The payment has been completed.

If your card payment does not go through, it may be a good idea to check with your bank if your card allows online purchases. If it does not, you can ask them to enable this feature. Withdrawals with VISA are as good as deposits but take a few days.



Who is behind VISA?

VISA is a limited liability company listed on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE. It was founded in 1958 in California, where it still has its headquarters.

What is the age limit of getting a VISA Card?

The age limits for obtaining a VISA card vary from bank to bank. Young people can often get a card, but to play at a casino with VISA you must be at least 18 years old.

Is it difficult to get a VISA Card from the bank?

It is not at all difficult to obtain a VISA card from the bank provided you have an active account. You only need to contact a bank of your choice and get the card fixed for you. Please note that some cards have annual fees.

Do all casinos accept VISA?

Casinos with VISA are common. Recently, the market has changed a bit and many casinos offer login with BankID and deposits with Trustly. They have, thus, completely removed the possibility of depositing with VISA. But we would still dare to say that most casinos still support VISA as a payment method.

Can I use several VISA cards?

It is possible to use several VISA cards at the same time. The casino often saves most of your card details so you only need to enter only a part of the information the next time you make a deposit.

Can I activate casino bonuses with VISA?

Some deposit methods such as Skrill and Neteller do not allow you to take advantage of casino bonuses. Fortunately, this is not the case with VISA. At most casinos, it is not a problem to deposit with VISA and enjoy a juicy casino bonus.

Is it safe to deposit with VISA?

Card transactions with VISA are protected by modern encryption technologies and all casinos without a license have extremely good security, almost in the same class as your bank.

How do I make a withdrawal from the casino via VISA?

It is not at all difficult to make a withdrawal with VISA. You just need to go to the withdrawal page and find the card you inserted with. Due to money laundering laws, you must have deposited with VISA to be able to make a withdrawal with VISA.

How long does it take for my winnings to appear on my VISA card?

Withdrawals with VISA are unfortunately not as fast as deposits. It usually takes at least 3 banking days for you to receive your money. Some other withdrawal methods such as e-wallets are much faster, which is also the reason why VISA is no longer as popular at online casinos as it used to be.

How good is VISA compared to other casino payment methods?

VISA is without a doubt the most widespread payment card in the world. We still can’t say we would prefer one over the other. Each method comes with pros and cons.


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