UKGC Casinos Without Nordic License 2021

The UK Gambling Commission is one of the strictest regulators when it comes to issuing gaming licenses. Operators require its license to serve British players. However, players from the Nordic countries can register with these gambling websites as well.
Although deemed ‘unlicensed’ in these jurisdictions, UKGC casinos are as valid as any of the national licenses in Germany, Holland or Scandinavia. If you are looking for one, we have sorted a list of the best UKGC casinos below.

Top 4 Casino Without License - April 2021

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The List Of Best UKGC Casinos -April 2021


We have gathered the best UKGC casinos that's available for German, Dutch and Scandinavian players. All the casinos in our list have been chosen by our experts and represent only the best of all UKGC casinos online.

Why does UKGC license mean for casinos without licenses?

A UKGC license is indicative of credibility. Therefore, an online casino with a UKGC license bespeaks reliability and trust to the utmost. It is one of the largest, strictest, and most reputed gambling authorities in the industry. In Scandinavia however they are called “casino utan licens” and in Germany, they are called “casino ohne Lizenz”, which in English is casinos without a license. The reason they are referred to as unlicensed casinos is due to the fact that they don’t have a German, Dutch or Nordic license and therefore cannot promote their casinos in these countries.

However, acquiring its license is easier said than done. Casinos that are licensed by the UKGC are considered supreme and the safest of them all. For this reason, the license is most coveted by operators.

The purpose of the UK Gambling Commission

  • Issues gaming licenses to operators in the UK

  • Ensures all licensees comply with the applicable laws and regulations

  • Checks for fair gaming and randomness

  • Keeps a strict eye on operators to uphold responsible gaming

  • Checks that no criminal activities and money laundering occur

  • Keeps underage gambling in check

Why are UKGC-licensed casinos trusted by players?

A license from the UKGC is not easy to acquire because of the high requirements it imposes on potential operators. It includes having a physically registered office in the United Kingdom

Additionally, the UKGC always goes that extra mile to find out if casino owners are who they claim to be. Their identity, financial status, background, and competence are put to test to decide whether their license should be issued, rejected, renewed, or canceled.

To keep their license, such casinos must deploy competent people in their offices. Their operations must be crime-free and financial status stable so they can afford the high fee applicable to them.

Moreover, the UKGC is dead serious about player rights and responsible gambling practices. Operators need to be extremely careful about the bonuses they offer. They must guarantee a payout and resolve disputes with players readily.

Their games must undergo regular audits to uphold fairness and transparency. Caution also must be taken regarding marketing and advertising of services and products. Self-exclusion should be enabled to curb problem gaming. Players below 18 years are a strict no-no. For these reasons, UKGC-licensed casinos are always a favorite with gamblers.

If you are a player from the Nordics looking for safe unlicensed casinos, don’t forget to register with operators licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

Different types of license from UKGC

The most obvious UKGC license is the one issued to online casinos. Operators need to apply for and get it granted if they want to target players in the UK. Licensees can offer games such as slots, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

Additionally, there is another UKGC license exclusively for operators who want to offer bingo games. Yet again, there are three different

types of gaming licenses for sports betting:

  • Basic license for odds and betting

  • License for companies that want to offer pool betting

  • License for companies that want to act as an intermediary


  • Better and bigger bonuses

  • No spin intervals

  • Loyalty and VIP programs available

  • Guaranteed payout

  • Encrypted conversations

  • Fair and random gamin

  • No national self-exclusion program like Spelpaus

  • Responsible gambling assured

  • No underage gambling

  • Quick resolution of disputes

  • Efficient customer support



Although there is no such disadvantage that might outweigh the advantages of playing at a UKGC casino, Nordic players must keep in mind that winnings are taxable. For instance, if you are playing from Sweden, you might have to pay 30% on your profits and report your income to the Government.


Responsible gaming at UKGC Casinos

As part of their duty to uphold responsible gambling, the UKGC has introduced various tools for players to get over compulsive gambling. Online gambling can easily become addictive and go out of control. To prevent the same, the UKGC recommends getting in touch with the following organizations:


GambleAware is a well-known organization dedicated to responsible gaming in the UK. It is reputed and, therefore, recommended by most online casinos in the UK. You can always scroll to the bottom of the casino’s page to see if the GambleAware logo is visible. If it is and you want to control your urge to gamble online, get in touch right away.


It is a nice feeling to be able to talk to someone and seek advice when you know you are suffering from problem gaming. GamCare is an organization you can contact via both phone and live chat for guidance and assistance when it comes to gambling addiction and related problems.


GamStop is equivalent to Spelpaus in Sweden and ROFUS in Denmark. Register with it to restrict yourself from playing at casinos licensed in the UK. To register, you need to fill in your personal information to prove your identity, much like you do with BankID in Sweden and NemID in Denmark. The shutdown would be active within 24 hours. You get to choose how long you want to remain excluded. The general options are 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years.

What happens to UKGC casinos that do not comply with the regulations?

The UK Gambling Commission has strict control and conducts regular inspections to ensure its licensees are competent. Sometimes it so happens that some casinos miss specific points, knowingly or unknowingly. UKGC-licensed casinos that fail to comply with the regulations can be fined.

Below are the 3 most common reasons why UKGC casinos may have to pay a fine to the gaming authority.

Responsible gaming is not respected

For the UKGC, responsible gaming is paramount. If licensed casinos do not encourage and advocate the same, the regulator has the right to penalize them.

Suspended players are accepted

Some UKGC-licensed operators fail to update their GamStop shutdown tool database. It means players who have registered at GamStop can still play at these casinos. Such operators are subject to huge fines because they are technically offering games and bonuses to people who are trying to stay away from gambling.

KYC document verification is not complete

Casinos can ask players to send documents to prove their identity. The process is called KYC (Know Your Customer) and done to curb problem gambling, underage gambling, money laundering, terrorist funding, and other criminal activities. If operators do not bother to complete the KYC, they can be fined.




Frequently asked questions about UKGC Casinos


Can German, Dutch and Nordic players legally register at UKGC casinos?

Yes, players from Germany, Holland and the Nordic countries can legally register at UKGC casinos as no written law restricts their entry. However, the UKGC casinos cannot advertise their services in these countries to target players.

Is it safe to play at UKGC casinos as a German, Dutch or Nordic player?

For German, Dutch and Nordic players, it is 100% safe to play at a casino licensed by the UK Gaming Commission. It is currently the strictest gaming license at present. If you choose to play at a casino that has a UKGC license, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Are my winnings taxable at UKGC Casinos?

Yes, your winnings from a UKGC casino are taxable as the United Kingdom is outside the EU. If you are looking for tax-free winnings, register with an MGA casino instead.