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Pay N Play casinos are taking over the European casino market, and the European players love it. With privacy complications limiting the deposit amount, punters from Sweden, Holland, and Germany face cumbersome problems with a licensed casino. Meanwhile, a Pay N Play casino without a license - takes all their daunting tasks away, and a punter is more focused on playing rather than spending their time registering.
There are various advantages to playing at unlicensed and Pay N Play casinos, such as privacy, payment duration, and many more.
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Top 4 Pay N Play Casinos - May 2021



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# 1 Schnellwetten



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# 2 True Flip Casino



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# 3 Emojino



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# 4 Wild Fortune



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The List Of Pay N Play Casinos -May 2021


In the list below you can find the best Pay N Play casinos without a license in Sweden, Germany and Holland.

What is Pay N Play Casino?

A Pay N Play casino is an online casino that combines registration with the first deposit with the help of Trustly. The result is an instant registration when you make your first deposit, meaning you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating an account. The deposit you make with Trustly takes care of that. In other words, you can play instantly after the deposit. Thereby the name “Pay N Play.”

A punter can finish the procedure within a few minutes or, be precise, within three steps because Pay N Play eliminates the hard work. Any registration process or KYC process which consumes a lot of time – is taken care of by Trustly. Trustly ensures that the customers’ details and other procedures are done through the BankID. Pay N Play comes with two variations or to be called – models: Pure and Hybrid. These two models are specifically designed to fit the different needs of people.

Pay N Play started gaining popularity post-2016. Many punters didn’t desire to use cryptocurrencies as their payment method in online casinos, and that’s where Trustly brought Pay N Play into the picture. Pay N Play allowed punters to place a bet in their centralized currency without having to disturb their privacy.

Today, Pay N Play is the first and foremost option for punters in Scandinavia!

Pay N Play casino without a license 

Have you ever wondered why you have to fill a pile of forms to register at any regular or traditional casino? If yes, this is the right time you switch to Pay N Play casino without a license because you wouldn’t have to do anything except playing. According to various surveys, casino operators were unhappy with the number of players leaving their sites without depositing. But now, there are next to zero punters who go without depositing because of Pay N Play casinos.

A casino without a license doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold any license. Instead, it means that it holds the license of other authorities such as Curacao or Malta Gaming! A punter doesn’t have to exert hard for registration as you can directly log in at a casino without a license with your email address.

A few of the significant and influential differences between Pay N Play Casino with a license and regular casinos are:

  • Compliance
  • Fast withdrawal
  • Instant approach
  • Popularity
  • Revolutionary approach


At non- Pay N Play casinos or regular casinos, KYC requirements, AML checks, and other registration processes take a significantly longer time. But, in Pay N Play casino, one doesn’t have to go through any of these. A punter can directly start playing the game.

Fast withdrawal

The withdrawal takes time in a regular casino compared to a Pay N Play casino. It usually takes a minute to 1 day for Pay N Play casino to transfer the amount. In comparison, regular casinos take a long time in checking the documents, tallying the amounts, etc.

Instant approach

The user starts playing within very few minutes or seconds with a Pay N Play casino without a license. At the same time, it takes a little time for a punter to begin playing at a regular casino.


Compared to regular online casinos, Pay N Play casinos – quick casinos are top-rated in the Nordic markets. People have to go through a long procedure for regular online casinos, and hence, Pay N Play casinos prove to be a relaxation to them.

Revolutionary approach

Trustly Pay N Play casinos are spread everywhere in the world, especially in European countries. Experts believe that Pay N Play casinos will soon bring a revolutionary change in the gambling space worldwide.

The Swedes, Dutch, and German players can legally play at Pay N Play casino without a license and enjoy higher rewards. The citizens can even log in through their BankID, which they provide for the Trustly account. The Pay N Play casino without license of these particular countries but, license from other authorities, offers a great bonus, playing, betting odds, etc.

Different types of Pay N Play casino

There are currently two different payment types under Pay N Play casino: Hybrid and Pure. In Pure Pay N Play casino, users are requested, or they directly deposit via Trustly. In Hybrid Pay N Play casino, users can either register at their choice of the casino or choose the option mentioned above.

Also, there are various other differences between Pure and Hybrid, such as Hybrid, users get access to multiple payment providers, and in Pure, a single Trustly is an option. The withdrawal in both Pay N Play casino types occurs within no time, and the registration process is eliminated.

Perhaps, one can say that Hybrid models have multiple features as compared to the Pure type!

Why choose a Pay N Play casino without a license?

Punters don’t like the registration process, and that’s the main reason behind why many people choose Pay N Play casino without a license. Some of the premier reasons why a person should choose Pay N Play casino without a license:

  • Fast transaction: The transactions are super-fast where you can deposit the money within minutes or even seconds. Also, you can withdraw the money within seconds. However, according to the reviews, you can get the withdrawal amount within 1 to 2 days.

  • Secure and safe: It is swift and safe as your BankID is given, and it happens through Trustly. Trustly is a trusted payment option as it has been around for several years, and about 90 percent of punters have been using it.

  • Bonuses: Apart from a regular bonus, a punter receives various other bonuses. There are multiple cashback, free spins, and everyday promotions that punters keep on receiving from these online casinos.

  • Mobile compatibility: All the online casinos are mobile-friendly, and it comes with a mobile version or mobile application of the same. With great software providers such as NetENT, Evolution Gaming, a punter experience gets user-interface.

How to find and register at a Pay N Play casino?

Pay N Play casino without a license is the best kind of casino that a punter can play. But, with various casinos being present at the moment, a punter often gets confused. Our site provides timely information on the best casinos present in the market right now. Moreover, consider the below points to make a responsible choice:

  • License
  • Trustworthiness
  • Pay N Play model
  • Bonus and promotions
  • Game range
  • Software provider
  • Customer service and customer reviews


A casino without a license doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold any license at all. The license comes from an offshore country. For Swedes – a casino with a Maltese license is known as a casino without a license. A punter should always check for the license that a Pay N Play casino with no account holds! When a casino comes with a license, it crosses or passes many tests and becomes critically acclaimed to be trusted.


How to find if the Pay N Play casino without a license is trustworthy or not? It is effortless – check for the customer reviews, software providers, bonuses and promotions, license, and try out their games’ free trials. All the casinos mentioned on our site are entirely authentic and very trustworthy.

Pay N Play model

The best Pay N Play casinos support both Hybrid and Pure models. In Pure, a punter can leave whenever he wants and then rejoin or return to the site whenever he finds a possible time. While, in the Hybrid model, Pay N Play casinos don’t provide a similar option as the Pure – “return to the casino.” It is always better to choose a Pay N Play casino without a license, which comes with both models. So, a punter can choose among these two models.

Bonus and promotions

The Pay N Play casinos generally offer a different bonus, cashback, free spins other than the regular casinos. A punter must check the wagering requirements and terms and conditions before claiming compensation. The minimum wagering requirements should be less so that a person can easily withdraw his winnings on time.

Game range

We thoroughly recommend checking the type of games they offer. Our team of experts always checks every game to provide the best gaming experience to our readers. Check whether they offer live casino games like lightning roulette and what type of jackpots do they have? Do you stand a chance of winning high amounts? For people, who love slot games, check for the slot machines and table games as well.

Software provider

Every casino in the industry has been backed by one or the other software provider. Indeed, this is the reason why you experience the V.R. effect, and your game experience remains top-class. The best software providers in the market are NetENT, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, etc. Always check for the software provider because a part of your gaming experience depends on this factor.

Customer service and customer reviews

A punter should always check whether the customer service team replies within minutes. How much time does it take them to respond to your email or chats? Do they have a phone number or phone support? Do they pick it up? What is the average time of reply? How many cases have been resolved and are pending? These are a few questions that a punter must check because a lot can be answered within. Also, customer reviews act as a see-through image of any casino and always try to check.

While these are essential factors that one must consider before registering at a Pay N Play casino without a license, various other factors are also responsible. Scroll down to know more about the process of registration:

How to register at Pay N Play casino?

Everyone has filled lengthy forms to register at any regular casino, and sometimes, the tedious process has led to leaving the site as well. With Pay N Play casino, a punter doesn’t have to do anything, and the registration process would complete within seconds or minutes. There are two Pay N Play models: Hybrid and Pure. While newly launched casinos prefer the Pure Pay N Play model, the Hybrid Pay N Play model supports more established and branded casinos. There are different registration process when it comes to Pay N Play variations of Hybrid and Pure; we have mentioned the steps for both:

Pure Pay N Play Casino model

No registration is needed for Pure Pay N Play casino, and a punter can directly login, deposit, and even get on-boarded on the list of payouts! Most Pay N Play unlicensed casinos use this model and provide the punters a registration free quick casino experience. There is a “continue playing” option, loved by most players. In the “continue playing” option, you are given a chance to come back anytime. Suppose Joel stopped in the middle of a game due to his phone’s battery, and then he completely forgets to check back! What will Joel do? He would certainly log in after a week when he remembers and continues playing from the same game and time.

Hybrid Pay N Play casino model

Hybrid Pay N Play casino model requires you to register and create an account. Follow the steps to create one:

  • Register with Trustly with a bank account that you have – so that your KYC is automatically done when you choose to deposit
  • Once you have registered with Trustly, hover over to the casino of your choice.
  • Register using the email address and password
  • Click on the link sent to your email account, and the registration is completed.
  • Deposit the amount instantly
  • Start playing within a few minutes or seconds

Depositing at Pay N Play casinos

Like registering at Pay N Play casinos, depositing the amount to play is also very feasible and completed within no time. Below are the steps that one must follow for an instant deposit:

  • Select the Play now option or directly go to the homepage, where you would find the option
  • You will get two buttons that say – instant deposit with Trustly or Instant Play – choose either of them depending on your choice.
  • If you are registered with Trustly, you can get directed to the deposit after entering your BankID.
  • Remember – some casinos provide the minimum deposit amount – you need to pay the amount. In comparison, others let you choose the deposit amount by yourself.
  • Accept the terms and conditions or enter your age – if the casino asks for it. Usually, significantly fewer Pay N Play casinos ask for the same.

Note – If you were using the Pure Pay N Play model, you would have the option to leave and then return to the game consistently. Pure is easier than Hybrid, but Hybrid provides multiple other benefits as well.

Withdrawing from Pay N Play casinos

The withdrawal process doesn’t even include a single step because withdrawals are made instantly. A punter just needs to go to the Pay N Play casino’s withdrawal section and then choose withdrawal. The last step would be to type the amount that a punter would want to withdraw, and the amount will reflect in your account.

Note that it takes less time for few casinos to transfer the withdrawal amount while it happens instantly with few casinos. According to our experts’ reviews and experience, it takes between 1 minute to 1 day working for the amount to reflect in the account.

Pay N Play casinos on mobile

Pay N Play casinos offer everything that a person needs today! Mobile versions and mobile apps are the new buzzes at present because they provide enormous amounts of comfort. When a punter places a bet through a laptop or desktop, he is posed to various limitations such as – he can’t take the laptop everywhere because it is more significant than any tablet or phone; the computer has multiple functions. It can be accessed while lying down, etc. On the other hand, you can play at a mobile casino from anywhere and anytime. There is a possibility that a person might not have a laptop or desktop but, the probability of a person having a mobile is way too high.

Not only that, the background and robust software providers boost the mobile casino experience. Most Pay N Play no account casinos come with a Mobile version and mobile app to suit Android and iOS users.

Also, casinos have started understanding and reading the pain point of punters! Hence, they came up with mobile versions that support Chrome, Safari, and other browsers. This helps the punter to eliminate any unnecessary download of a casino’s app.

Bonuses at Pay N Play casinos without a license

Bonuses at any casino matter a lot because it is a marketing gimmick to attract more punters. The bonus doesn’t only help the casinos increase their players but also helps the players benefit from high amounts of cash.

In regular casinos, a punter finds a welcome bonus as the major plus points but, in Pay N Play casinos, a punter is given other bonuses such as cashback.

The most offered and common bonus type at any Pay N Play casino is a cashback bonus. A punter receives a lot with these cashback bonuses. Meanwhile, there are other types of bonuses as well, and we have mentioned them below:

Cashback bonus

Punters don’t like when they lose money. Nobody likes losing money or losing a game. Cashback bonuses act as a blessing in disguise as they are provided on the loss amount. The Pay N Play casino offers 10% cashback to have the punters stay long at their casino. This 10% cashback is given on the losing amount – either monthly or weekly. The cashback is claimed in the next round of Play.

Free Spins

In a regular casino, a punter is given a free spin but with many wagering requirements. But, in Pay N Play, a punter gets free spins after the first deposit, and the wagering requirements remain zero. We find it the most advantageous point as wagering amounts are often lost.

Cash bonus

You receive the real-money cash bonus from Pay N Play casinos. Sometimes, it is written on their promotional pages or even the home pages. You need to complete the requirements, and you will receive a cash bonus.

Refer a friend

Almost everyone is familiar with this term because it has worked a lot in the marketing world. Generally, a Pay N Play casino asks you to refer at least five friends, and they must make their first deposit. Otherwise, you will not receive any bonus.

Exclusive bonuses

Daily deals or bumper prizes that keep on running in certain casinos. Exclusive bonuses differ from casino to casino.


As you level up, specific bonuses or, to say, points are accumulated and then transferred to money. But, one must complete a certain level to claim the money.

Welcome bonus

This bonus type is very famous with regular casinos, where a sign-up bonus is provided with wagering requirements. Perhaps, in most Pay N Play casinos, no welcome bonuses are given.

Pros and cons with Pay N Play casinos

There are various pros and a few cons with a Pay N Play casino without a license. A few of them are mentioned below:


  • Fast deposit and withdrawal: Most punters are required to wait for so long to cash out their winnings. Pay N Play casinos always remain at a higher position when it comes to deposit and withdrawal because both take place within a few minutes. One can also say that the deposit and withdrawal take place instantly.
  • There is no registration process: In regular casinos, a punter needs to register with few steps and then deposit the funds. This tedious process makes the registration task and playing dull but, Pay N Play casinos are the best! There is no registration required because your details are taken care of by Trustly. You can log out in case your phone’s battery is off and then log in without having to register again.
  • Tax-free: All Pay N Play casinos are not tax-free casinos because it depends on various factors like the region where you live, etc. Suppose you are in the European Union and playing at a Pay N Play unlicensed casino with a right offshore license, then your winnings can be 100% tax-free. Most of the unlicensed casinos that hold the license of Malta Gaming Authority offer tax-free withdrawals to their European Union punters. A licensed casino that holds a Swedish license provides tax-free withdrawals as well.
  • No summed-up mails: You don’t keep on receiving emails, calls, or even promotional offers that regular casinos generally send.
  • Privacy: Your privacy is maintained, and your data is as well protected. A punter doesn’t require to enter each detail as he can register with an email address.


  • Geo locations: The residents of only Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Sweden, and Finland can play at Pay N Play casino. This point is the only drawback that a punter would find with Pay N Play casino without a license.

Best Pay N Play casinos without a license 2021

After thorough analysis and research, we have selected the top five Pay N Play casinos without a license. Here’s the list:

True Flip

True Flip Pay N Play casino was founded in 2017. It is home to various games like slot, table, live, and others. True Flip is owned and operated by Blockchain Games N.V., and it holds the license of Curacao. The residents of Sweden and others wouldn’t have any issues playing with this casino as you can play and take all your winnings home.

True Flip comes with one single drawback, and that’s the countries it is restricted in. We have mentioned the list of major countries that don’t allow True Flip to operate. The countries are China, France, Ukraine, Russia, the Netherlands, Turkey, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

How True Flip Stands Out?

  • Robust software providers like NetENT, Microgaming, Pragmatic Pla
  • User-Friendly mobile design
  • A varied selection of games such as virtual, video, live casino, slots, and others
  • High level of encryption
  • Live chat facility
  • Withdrawal is made within minutes – not more than an hour

Refuel Casino

It has not been much time since Refuel Casino’s inception in 2020, but punters have loved this casino. Refuel casino gaining popularity is its pool of games, Pay N Play option, and many more. It holds the license from MGA and is very safe to play. We didn’t find any drawback with Refuel casino rather than the sportsbook – it doesn’t have any sportsbook.

How Refuel Casino Stands Out?

  • Cashback bonus of 10% on all your losses
  • Instant withdrawal and deposit
  • It promotes responsible gaming and takes KYC – which can be done with Pay N Play; you need not worry about anything
  • Robust software providers like STHLM Gaming
  • Wide selection of games such as roulette, etc
  • Average customer service

Mount Gold

its second name describes mount Gold casino because it has set golden standards in the casino industry. Mount Gold was founded in 2020, and it holds the Malta Gaming Authority’s license. It adheres to protecting your data and uses SSL encryption technology.

How Mount Gold Stands Out?

  • Great software providers like NetENT, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, etc
  • Wide variety of games slots, tables, live, and others
  • Cashback is paid to active punters
  • Withdrawal time takes significantly less time
  • Great customer service


Schnellwetten casino was established in 2018, and it is owned by BML group ltd. It holds the Malta Gaming Authority license and has a vast range of games with the best software providers. The best part of Schnellwetten is that it accepts multiple languages such as English and Deutsch. It has a great mobile version where punters can easily enjoy playing!

How Schnellwetten Stands Out?

  • Instant registration or zero registration is required
  • An instant withdrawal that takes place lesser than 15 minutes
  • Multiple gaming providers such as Elk Studios, NetENT, and others
  • Live chat option available
  • Great customer ratings


Licensed by Malta Gaming Authority, it holds the pride of hosting the best responsible gambling site. It has only been a year since its incorporation but, it has managed to make a place at punter’s heart. It is supported by robust software providers like NetENT and replies to the customers within no time.

How Emojino Stands Out?

  • Vast gaming options like virtual, table, and live
  • Mobile gaming option
  • Instant withdrawal which takes very little time
  • It is very secure and fair
  • Live chat options are available
  • Great customer service


How does it feel to register instantly without having to give your details? It feels incredible to do so as the risk of privacy; fast withdrawal is eliminated. Pay N Play casino without license helps to churn out the chances of paying extra and play without worrying about anything. Register, or we would say login today to place your best bet!

FAQ - Pay N Play casinos


What is a Pay N Play Casino?

Pay N Play casino is a casino that allows you to register and pay at the same time directly via Trustly. Many refer Pay N Play casinos as casinos without registration or casinos without account.

Why choose a Pay N Play casino?

Pay N Play casino combines registration and deposit, charges no extra fee, releases withdrawal within minutes or 1 day, etc. In short, you don’t require to worry about lengthy registration processes, privacy, etc.

Can I play at a Pay N Play casino without a license?

Yes, it is very safe and legal to play at a Pay N Play casino without a license. Always go for a casino which is trustworthy, licensed by Curacao, Malta or other authorities as it eliminates the chances of risk.

What is the best Pay N Play casino?

You can choose from the list of our best Pay N Play casinos. Choose a Pay N Play no license casino because you receive various bonuses, no limitations, etc.

How fast can I withdraw from a Pay N Play casino?

Generally, the Pay N Play casino's withdrawal process is very fast as you can withdraw within an hour even. The casinos we have mentioned in our list - adheres to the statement above. Generally, it takes around 1 minute to 1 day for withdrawal.