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My introduction to Sofort casinos was like that of a thirsty man to water. I am a regular gambler, and so very often the regulations on licensed casinos ruin all my fun. In 2019, the Sweden casinos market got regulated, and ever since then I have been playing in online casinos without a license. Like any other gambler, I have had my wins and losses in the game, and Sofort has been a great help. Sofort casinos have given me the world-class experience of gambling from the comfort of my home.

What is Sofort casino?

Sofort casinos are online casinos that can be licensed or unlicensed and accept Sofort as payment methods. Usually, Sofort is acceptable in online casinos without a license. A casino without a license means without the license to gamble from that particular country, in which it is running. Such Sofort casinos often have a gambling license from some other source like MGA or Curacao. Sofort casinos are extremely safe and secure to play at. Having a license makes them a reliable and trustworthy Sofort casino.

Security at Sofort casinos

History of Sofort

Sofortüberweisung is a cashless payment system for the Internet developed by Sofort GmbH. Since the merchant does not receive the bill but does receive a payment confirmation immediately, the process is a pseudo prepayment scheme. As a result, most retailers treat prepayment the same way they treat cash, and they instantly release products or downloads. The company has been a member of the Klarna group of companies in Sweden since 2014.

Sofort began in a small office in Munich, Germany, in 2005. The business was known as Payment Network, but in 2012 they changed their name to Sofort AG. Over time, the company gained a stellar reputation as a payment provider, averaging about 2 million monthly transactions with more than 25,000 online retailer partners. In 2013, Sofort was considered a valuable asset, and Klarna announced plans to convert it into a global payment network. Sebastian Siematkowski, Niklas Addalberth, and Victor Jacobsen, founders of the Sweden-based payment processing firm, put Sofort through its paces and created local and global projects to get it to where it is today.

The influx of funds from American investors proved to be crucial to the company’s growth. As Klarna started to extend their services throughout Western Europe, they saw the opportunity in Sofort and wanted to integrate with them. Klarna and Sofort rose through the financial industry ranks, earning accolades such as being named one of Sweden’s “Top 100 Promising Tech Companies” and “The 5 Unicorns.”

Why choose Sofort casino?

Suppose reading the history of Sofort has gotten you hooked to it and you have finally decided to experience the mesmerizing super fast Sofort casinos. In that case, we can help you know all about it. Sofort can be found as one of the payment methods on an online casino that does not have a license of a particular country it is running in. For eg, a Sweden online casino without a Swedish gambling license is an unlicensed or casino without a license in Sweden.

People who want to spend money anonymously on the internet frequently use Sofort. It has a global presence and is accepted as a payment option in casinos in the EU and beyond. Sofort Banking is a payment system that facilitates the exchange of information between you and your customer. In Germany, it is a widely used payment form.

Essentially, this banking mechanism acts as a go-between for your bank and the online service provider that provides you with internet services. Since it is free and considered sufficiently secure, 35,000 well-known online stores, such as IKEA and the Austrian company INTERSPAR, support the Sofort payment form.

This banking method is common among online casino players because it does not disclose their financial details to the gambling operator and allows them to deposit without worrying about their bets remaining anonymous.

Sofort at casinos without a license

When you read about such technologies, the next thing you need to know is how to access them. If you are thinking about the same, then just read along and we will make you know it of Sofort casinos. You can now play at Sofort casinos as Sofort is available on some online casinos without a license. If you are a German player who is worried about the regulations coming to force this July, finding yourself a trustable online casino without a license will be the best. Provided that you are a heavy gambler and often prefer playing at casinos that have no deposit limit and better bonuses. Players from European countries like Sweden, Germany, Holland, etc can all find Sofort in unlicensed casinos of their countries.

Sofort at casinos without a license

The legitimation would not take place directly between the payer and the bank holding the account in the case of an immediate transfer. After obtaining the account-holding institute’s legitimation info, Sofort GmbH acts as the payer. Compared to Giropay, customers can use Sofortüberweisung regardless of which bank they have their current account with. This is because the customer logs into his online banking via the Sofort GmbH system, so there is no need for a bank-Sofort GmbH arrangement.

Sofort GmbH charges the seller a fee of 0.9 percent plus 0.25 euros for physical products and 2.0 percent plus 0.25 euros for virtual goods for each transfer, which is slightly less than the normal 2.49 percent plus EUR 0.35 paid by PayPal in Germany. On the other hand, PayPal provides customer insurance (refund in the event of non-delivery) and currency conversion.

Depositing at casinos with Sofort

Before you start depositing funds through Sofort at online casinos, let me tell you what has to be done to set up a Sofort account.

It only takes a few minutes to build a Sofort account. The website also includes instructions on how to complete it in a limited amount of time. After you’ve checked that the casino accepts Sofort transactions, you can use this method to send money right away. You’ll be asked for your bank account details rather than a username and password. Continue selecting your country from the drop-down menu. Then, log into your online banking account and grant the transfer permission to proceed.

Now that you have an account on Sofort, you can easily deposit your finds in four simple steps.

Often double-check whether your bank and country are compatible with Sofort’s payment processing platform. Many online casinos accept Sofort, but it is ultimately up to you to decide where you want to put your money.

After you’ve built an account at your favorite online casino, go to the Banking or Cashier section. In the drop-down menu, you’ll see Sofort as an option; select it, and you’ll be taken to the official platform.

There are no login criteria, so enter the amount you want to deposit into your casino account. Confirm the sum and enter the TAN, which is a one-time code that verifies your identity.

Confirm the details and exit the payment service system. Go back to the online casino and wait for the funds to be added. In just a few minutes, you can use your Sofort-funded casino account and enjoy the games. As simple as making a sandwich!

Withdrawing from casinos with Sofort

Once you’ve amassed a sizable winning, you will request that they be withdrawn and deposited into your bank account. You can use Sofort for this as long as the online casino supports it. There’s no need to re-enter your information because the casino will remember your Sofort credentials. Select ‘Withdraw’ from the Cashier section and follow the directions. The pace of withdrawal varies from casino to casino, but the average wait time is 72 hours.

The only slight problem here is that the number of online casinos that accept depositing is more than the number that also allows you to withdraw. Be very careful when selecting an unlicensed Sofort casino to play at and read all the terms.

There are no transaction costs with Sofort. However, the online casino may change its fees for using the payment service to complete transactions. Before using Sofort as a payment form, read the casino’s terms and conditions.

Withdrawals with Sofort at casinos

Sofort at mobile casinos

You’ll be wondering what will stay the same and what will change when you want to play on your mobile device at your favorite venue. The good news is that Sofort mobile casinos still accept this payment method. You’ll find that all fees are the same regardless of which machine you use to log in. Apart from screen size, the only real difference is that mobile sites will have fewer games to choose from. Year after year, however, this is changing, with the number of mobile sites increasing.

Bonuses at Sofort casinos

A small number of online casinos seek to convince their customers to use Sofort Banking by providing special deposit incentives. They generally take the form of a small bonus increase of 15% to 20%. It does not seem to be much, but if you deposit €100, the additional €20 can be very useful. One of the best aspects of using Sofort is that you can see exactly how much money you’ve deposited and withdrawn. You also don’t have to go to the bank. It’s as easy as logging into your Sofort Banking account. A lot of people prefer Sofort casinos because of their bonuses and super jackpot rewards. Unregulated casinos do not offer as many bonuses and such great rewards as unlicensed online Sofort casinos. Another reason why gamblers are shifting to online casinos without a license.

The terms and conditions of the bonuses in the Sofort casino vary. There are enrollment bonuses, special rewards, refer a friend bonus, no deposit bonuses, etc. Sofort casinos give the most lucrative and tempting bonus offers all the time!

Pros and cons with Sofort

Sofort casinos are taking the world by a storm, slow and steady. Consistently! Though we still suggest a reality check where you look at both sides of a coin. Read below for the pros and cons of playing at online Sofort casinos.


  • Security
  • Faster transactions
  • Customer-friendly service
  • Jackpot bonuses
  • Lowest fee
  • Minor amount limits


Sofort has a framework that includes the best encryption protections and protocols. It’s one of the strongest online casino payment options for people who don’t want to give out their personal or financial details to the casino. Also, Sofort has encrypted their data so that any third-party entity attempting to intercept the transfer will not obtain any information.

Faster transactions

Sofort’s transaction speed is equivalent to or faster than that of an e-wallet network. Players at Sofort Casinos are used to having their online accounts supported in near real-time. This is a significant benefit for gamers who want to play their favorite games without waiting long periods.

Customer-friendly service

There is a silver lining to the current nation restrictions. Sofort will concentrate on their user base in those countries and cater to their specific requirements. Dedicated service entails a more personalized approach to customer care, resulting in a more enjoyable gambling experience. Sofort users should expect top-notch customer support via phone or email from knowledgeable associates. Weekends, holidays, and other activities are classified on the official website as working hours.

Jackpot bonuses

Because of Sofort’s large user base, online retailers and casino sites have started to give exclusive bonuses and incentives to those who pass money via it. To see what kind of incentives you can get when you fund your account with Sofort, you may need to read through a casino portal’s FAQ or bonuses section. Sofort casinos offer great deals for playing in their casino, and it is a definite catch.

Lowest fee

Sofort has one of the lowest fees despite being a readily available and popular payment processing merchant. The additional fees will vary depending on retailers and online casinos; before creating an account, check to see how much a Sofort transaction will cost.

Minor amount limits

Sofort is different from other payment services in that it has a low fund cap. The minimum amount necessary to complete a transaction may be as little as €10, with the maximum amount typically determined by the online casino or establishment.


  • No formal account
  • Eligible countries
  • Withdrawal

No formal account

First-time users may feel uneasy if they are unable to sign in or create an account. The process, on the other hand, guarantees lightning-fast transaction speeds and total anonymity. On the other hand, you should be mindful that you will be supplying the organization with your personal details from the chosen bank account.

Eligible countries

Users in certain European countries have a tough time finding a secure payment service to finance their online casino accounts. Sofort casinos currently focus on Central and Eastern Europe, although this could change if the business expands globally.


The time it takes for withdrawals to be processed, which varies from casino to casino. Some casinos take just a few minutes to deposit funds into your Sofort-linked bank account, while others will take up to 72 hours.

Best Sofort casinos

We bring you the list of best Sofort casinos you can play at. The casinos we have mentioned are legit and honest. You will have a world-class gambling experience at these.

  • King Billy
  • Playamo
  • 22bet

King Billy

You get the peculiar feeling that you wish you could go back in time and start over to become a Baron at King Billy Casino. If you think Baron is too feudal for you, King Billy Casino helps you to earn “King’s Points” and become a Duke, Prince, or even King alongside King Billy himself. King Billy is a fun Klarna casino to play at with great bonuses.


Over the past three years, PlayAmo has been in service. Some might argue that this isn’t the sort of time that demonstrates a casino’s reliability. On the other hand, thousands of fans disagree, as they play there every day and leave glowing feedback. PlayAmo has provided quality on its positive promise of a player-centric attitude and hospitality for all new players, as well as a plethora of events for current members. This PlayAmo analysis will tell you everything you need to know to determine if it’s the right casino for you.


22Bet is a sharp young online casino with plans to become a global hotspot for online gaming. This casino has high ambitions and seems to be sticking to them, aiming for a global audience and catering to their needs regarding payment methods, game selection, localization languages, and currencies. There is over 1,000 games to choose from, as well as an excellent customer service department.


Sofort casinos are excellent online casinos. They can be licensed or unlicensed. Sofort is a payment method, and those casinos which accept it are called Sofort casinos. Like any other coin, Sofort has pros and cons. The government is regulating the casino market and this brings a shift in it by steering traffic to unlicensed casinos. All you people reading this article, who are planning to check out an unlicensed casino after this, please read the terms and conditions of online casinos very carefully.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Sofort casinos


What are Sofort casinos?

Unlicensed or licensed online casinos that accept Sofort as one of their payment modes are called Sofort casinos. Unlicensed casinos that accept payment through Sofort can be easily found.

Is it safe to play at Sofort casino?

Users won't have to worry about their financial information being leaked to the wrong hands because the company acts as a middleman between retailers (in this case, an online casino) and the bank. Sofort is also a secure online payment choice thanks to its two-layer security measures.

Where can I find Sofort casinos?

Many online casinos that do not have a license from Sweden, Germany, or the Netherlands but operate in those countries sell Sofort. If you read the payment methods of such online casinos, you will find Sofort casinos.

Can I use Sofort at casinos without a license?

A definite yes! Yes, you can use Sofort at a casino without a license. Unlicensed Sofort casinos are legal, and gambles can have fun and play there. It is only illegal for unlicensed casinos to attract players from the particular country they are running in.


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