Top 10 Biggest Online Casino Jackpots

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Last Updated: June 10, 2024
Top 10 Biggest Online Casino Jackpots

Playing casino slots and winning a life-changing amount can be mind-blowing. One might think that winning millions from slots is a scam, but this blog will tell you that it is not. You are about to find out the 10 biggest online casino jackpots ever won by real players whose lives are now changed forever.

10 Online Casino Jackpots You Need to Know About

Progressive jackpots are a fun activity, but your life can be changed from head to toe if you win once. This has happened to many players around the world who bet as low as $10 and still managed to get big wins in terms of millions of dollars in just one go. This might seem like a scam, but it’s true and can happen to anyone.

Jackpot games are one of the biggest attractions for gamblers for the same purpose. They pose minimal risk and do not require much investment. Depending on your budget, you can bet and win more than you invested in no time.

Here is the list of top online casino jackpots you should know about before trying the game yourself next time:

  • Mega Moolah — $20,057,734
  • Arabian Nights – €8,635,872
  • Mega Fortune – €6,864,858
  • Mega Fortune – €4,159,181
  • Beach Life – $4,248,572
  • Gold Rally – $4,500,000
  • Mega Moolah – $4,170,128
  • Mega Moolah – $5,556,753
  • Hall of Gods – €7,820,888
  • Mega Fortune – €17,860,868

Mega Moolah — $20,057,734

Mega Moolah jackpots

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is one of the most famous progressive slots around the world. Many gamblers around the world try this game in hopes of winning a big casino jackpot. This can be true as it has happened to a British soldier, Jon Heywood before.

Heywood played with just 25p on stake and managed to win a huge amount of $20,057,734 in just one go. This happened in 2015, but this is not just one record-breaking jackpot that players have won through this game. The jackpot changed Heywood’s life forever as he was able to leave his job, invest his money, and live a happy life afterward.

Arabian Nights – €8,635,872

Arabian Nights is a popular jackpot game from NetEnt consisting of 10 paylines and 5 reels. The game features an Arabian cartoon theme with magical lamps, fez hats, and camels.

Many players worldwide have won huge jackpots from this slot game, but the biggest payout has been to a Norwegian player who won €8,635,872 after staking just €5 per spin. The smallest slot ever won by a player was $1.8 million. If you have never tried your luck at this amazing slot game, then it’s time to make huge wins on this progressive jackpot game.

Mega Fortune – €6,864,858

Mega Fortune jackpots

Mega Fortune is linked to the items of wealth, which is why you see expensive items as you play the game. The game has stayed true to its theme and has made players millionaires with just one big win.

Mega Fortune is based on five reels and 25 fixed paylines and the minimum bet starts from $0.25. One Norwegian student has won a total sum of €6,864,858 by staking just €1 per spin. Imagine winning such a life-altering amount by just staking €1, would not that be amazing?

Mega Fortune – €4,159,181

Mega Fortune makes another appearance on the list due to its history of giving huge payouts to winners. There is a reason behind their huge fanbase and that has everything to do with the amazing slots winning amounts they give to their players.

One lucky winner was from Sweden who played for €1 per spin and won a total amount of €4,159,181. This happened in 2010, but that does not mean it won’t happen again. Many other players have won huge amounts from Mega Fortune with the second biggest winning mentioned at the last.

Beach Life – $4,248,572

Beach Life Jackpot

Beach Life is another amazing progressive slot game that has garnered a huge fanbase from players worldwide. It has a base game and a bonus round where you get the opportunity to make big bucks with little investment. If you don’t want to go for the jackpot, then it’s best to stake low.

In 2012, an anonymous player won a total of $4,248,572 during the game with minimal stakes. If you want to be the next on the line, then it’s time to take the risk before it’s too late. You never know, you could be the next lucky winner in the line.

Gold Rally – $4,500,000

Imagine winning $4.5 million suddenly, changing your whole life. This has happened to a player in 2013. Although the player does not want their identity to be revealed, for sure, this winning deserves a mention on the list.

About Gold Rally, it’s another progressive slot game that has paid out amazing jackpots over the past few years. The slot game is from Playtech and has a fixed coin value of $2. The game has 3 reels and 8 pay lines, making it the perfect choice to try next time. If you’re out of slot games, then make sure to try this one for the best gambling experience.

Major Millions – $2,801,619

Major Millions Jackpot

Major Millions is the next best on the line for offering incredible prizes of all times to players around the world. It’s a 5-reel slot machine that can turn you into a millionaire overnight. It’s an easy game that any new or experienced player can get their hands on.

One of the biggest prizes that have ever been won on this platform is $2,801,619 by Ronald H. in 2002. Another big win was by Tony P. in the same year, cashing in $1,594,649.21. After this, Jim L. won a whooping sum of $1.68 million in 2003. It’s safe to say that this progressive slot has a history of giving out big prizes to winners.

WowPot Jackpot – £15,183,085.96

WowPot Jackpot is one of the biggest slots of all time, connecting nine online slot machines across licensed casino sites. Regardless of how big or small your stake is, you can still land a huge jackpot win through this slot machine. Some games included in this slot are Wheel of Wishes, Sisters of Oz, Queen of Alexandria, and others.

In 2021, a British player won a total of £15,183,085.96 on 32Red. It’s one of the biggest cash out in the history of jackpot wins. This huge amount shocked the player to the core, he said he even had to search for how many zeros there are in a million to be sure. Such a huge amount can change anyone’s life forever, so don’t give up on your gambling journey just yet. Keep trying until you hit the jackpot!

Hall of Gods – €7,820,888

Hall of Gods Jackpot

NetEnt is a well-known and reputable gaming provider in the world of gambling. The Hall of Gods by NetEnt is an exceptional slot game, known for giving huge payouts to winners across the globe. The slot game is based on Norse mythology with intuitive graphics and user interface.

In 2012, a Swedish player won the biggest jackpot through the game, which was a huge amount of €7,820,888. The big surprise was that they just betted 50 cents per spin and still made it through. In a world where 50 cents buy you nothing, a player managed to make millions through it. It’s time for you to try it next!

Mega Fortune – €17,860,868

Again, on the list is Mega Fortune, which needs no introduction. This slot game has made many players millionaires over the years without requiring huge stakes. Anyone can be a millionaire on this slot game without any prior experience.

A Finnish player won a whopping amount of €17,860,868 in 2013 with a stake of just 25 cents. All it takes is the jackpot to hit and then you can rest for the rest of your life. It’s time to give Mega Fortune a chance and try your luck here with whatever you want you wish to win big!

Be The Next the Line to Win Jackpots

Playing a jackpot game is a thrilling experience, but what matters the most is winning the game. One win can bring you millions without spending even a thousand on the game. All the above-mentioned slot games come from verified and trustworthy gaming platforms, so you don’t even have to doubt their authenticity. If you have never tried a jackpot game, then it’s time to give yourself a chance and get your hands on them to win big!

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