How do you find a great casino without a license

how do you find a great casino without a license

How do you find a great casino without a license?

There are many benefits of choosing a casino without a Scandinavian or German license. For instance, you get many more sites to choose from and a different supply of games. They can also offer an unlimited amount of bonuses and promotions to their players. They often even have generous loyalty programs. In other words, at these casinos you can get the ultimate gaming experience. Keep reading for some tips on how to find your future favorite casino.

Is there something you need to think of when playing at casinos outside Scandinavia?

You should consider to play at the casinos that have a respected license. There are many licenses that casinos without a license from Scandinavia or Germany can have. The most famous gaming licenses come from:

Malta is one of the most serious gaming licenses on the market

This small island of Malta is a bit of a hub in the gaming world. Many of the largest gaming companies have their headquarters on this island. They undoubtedly have one of the most respected gaming licenses in the industry. They follow strict criteria to keep their gaming license, which means that you can relax. The largest and best casinos in Europe have their license from Malta, MGA license.

The English license – a license with rigid regulations

The UK Gaming Commission ensures that these online casinos meet very strict requirements. They also make sure that all game developers operating in the UK market are of the highest standard. It is not easy to get a gaming license from the UK and this is also what contributes to its positive reputation.

Respected licenses from other parts of the world

There are also good companies with licenses from Curaçao and Gibraltar and the Isle of Man. They are not as famous as the ones above, but you can find a couple of good casinos with these licenses. They are as serious as any other casino without a Scandinavian license.

Do I need to pay tax on casinos without a license?

You do not need to tax for winnings obtained from a casino within the EU / EEA area. These casinos can’t contain any German or Scandinavian information or be for the German or Scandinavian market. They might for example have websites in Scandinavian or German languages. If the casino is in a German Scandinavian language, then you must pay tax and get your profit

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