Jackpot Winnings at Casinos Without a License

Last Updated: June 10, 2024

Jackpot Winnings at Casinos Without a Scandinavian License

Have you ever considered to play at a casino without a license in Scandinavian or Germany but feel unsure about what would happen to your money if you won the jackpot? Read on to find out what would happen and what to do in that situation.

Jackpot – the thing we’re all hunting

Players chase two things; enjoyable gambling and winnings. And an easy cash out makes the winnings even more enjoyable. That the casino doesn’t have a Scandinavian or German license is no reason to worry. The procedure for getting this money into your account is still incredibly simple. You will want to make sure that the casino can transport the jackpot from the account to the bank account.

You can do so with the secure payment methods that these casinos offer. Examples of these are Trustly, Instant Bankings and bank transfer by bank card. The former is one of the most famous and is one of the fastest on the market. You can feel safe using Trustly, and it’s fast. You will have your jackpot in your bank account in a matter of seconds!

The size of the jackpot

How big is a jackpot? It varies from company to company, but it is usually millions. But there are some differences between the payment methods. As mentioned above, speed is one of them. Another is the greatest withdrawal amount via debit card, which is often around EUR 5,000. Once you have won the jackpot, which is often a huge sum, you want to avoid having to make 100 individual transfers.

The best – and often easiest – way is to make a bank transfer of the entire amount. What you may need to do is then present proof that you are the owner, both for the bank account and the gaming account. Then you can painlessly cash out your jackpot!

The 27-year-old who won 68 million

You might think that casinos without a Scandinavian license are doing something illegal. That is not the case. They have licenses from Malta (MGA), the United Kingdom (UKGC) or Curaçao. They all set high standards and impose strict guidelines. With secure payment methods, you will know exactly what happens to your jackpot.

An example is how it went for a Swedish 27-year-old. He played on the world-famous and incredibly fun slot machine Mega Fortune at Letsbet.com. This is one of the best games from NetEnt. On July 2018 he won a total of SEK 68 million! He could then transfer the money to his account. Then he could choose to transfer with DirektBank, Trustly or bank card. This company offers all variants!

Good to know is that the winnings at casinos licensed from Malta and the UK are completely tax-free. This means that you can pick out your winnings safely and that the entire amount is actually yours! For companies with a Curaçao license, you might have to pay tax on your winnings, which is good to know.

List of reliable casinos

Good news. You don’t have to search around for reliable online casinos. At CasinosWithoutLicense.com we’ve done the job for you. Here on the site we have listed the best casinos without a Scandinavian or German license and the best bonuses. You just have to choose something that you find exciting! Even though we have done the job, we recommend that you read all the terms and conditions, for your own sake.

Register, get a bonus, scoop the jackpot and get the winnings in your account. Painlessly and safely!


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